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Photo Robert Workman 

  Beautifully lit The Sunday Times            evocatively lit The Guardian          Exquisite lighting Opera Magazine

Lighting Designer

Welcome to the website of Mark Jonathan award winning lighting designer of

plays, opera, musicals, dance, arena and ice both in the UK and worldwide.  





Excellent lighting Mark Ronan    Stunning Lighting the Opera Critic     riveting lighting  Downtown Times    atmospherically lit The Times

grippingly lit what's on stage                                                                                   imaginatively lit The Guardian       


enhanced by the brilliantly conceived and executed lighting Seen & Heard       Mark Jonathan’s stunning lighting  Scottish Daily Express 


breathtakingly lit  The Scotsman

der ausgezeichnete Lichtdesigner Mark Jonathan Kurier, Vienna 

Mark Jonathan’s lighting bewitches the eye The Financial Times,  


Ausgezeichnet die Lichtregie von Mark Jonathan, die durch ihre Kreativität immer wieder beeindruckte Der Neue Merker


                                                                         Mark Jonathan works serious magic The Houston Chronicle  


  haunting lighting British Theatre Guide 

Mark Jonathan’s lights entice and enchant  Manchester Theatre Awards        Mark Jonathan's stunning lighting design Light & Sound America                   


the breathtaking shadowy lighting by Mark Jonathan  Rogues and Vagabonds             


 Mark Jonathan's inspired lighting

The Wall Street Journal

        Mark Jonathan’s superb lighting The Stage 

 dat prachtig wordt belicht door Mark Jonathan  De Morgen

Les éclairages de Mark Jonathan sont très au point. Musique                    Les lumières fort subtilement maîtrisées Liberté 

Mark Jonathan's ingeniously atmospheric lighting  The Sunday Telegraph

Ithe magical experience of Mark Jonathan’s lighting design ensures that Pountney’s vision is crafted and enhanced by

individuals at the top of their game. Opera Britannia.

The mood is dark, intensified by

the chiaroscuro of Mark Jonathan’s lighting  The Daily Telegraph  

Exquisite lighting

The Sunday Times

  the stage picture is transformed

by the lighting designer Mark Jonathan’s brilliant polyphony of darkness and light      

 Arts Desk 

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